Sky Wind

Rotor Diameter: 1,50 m
Lengh: 0,40 m
Swept Area: 1,8 m2
Cut in: 4 m/s
Design Windpeed: 8 m/s
Rated Speed: 14 m/s
Tip Speed Ratio: 8,5
Design Power: 170 W
Rated Power: 1000 W
Weight: 15,5 kg
Max. Thrust: 250 N
Material: Aluminium & Steel
Internal Resistance: 1,1 ohm
Voltage (DC): 15-17 V
Max. Current: 30 A
Warranty: 3 Years
Cost per Turbine (@10kW Order) 1750 USD
sky wind

The SkyWind NG is the very first micro wind turbine designed with the same passion and expertise currently known only from large scale megawatt turbines. Key aspects are its high power and durability at comparatively small size and weight. Its patented all metal design provides unique strengh and an unmatchable service life. Every turbine consists of a turbine with rotor and grid inverter (230V and 110V available) as well as an automatic storm control system with dumpload. All components are prepared for quick installation. There´s no need to program the inverter or balance the rotor – it´s all just plug and play! Check our FAQ for answers to all the most important questions: FAQ

Our micro turbine was designed using state of the art technologies like CFD´s (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and is manufactured with 6-axis CNC machining centers. While design and metalwork is done in germany, the DC-machine is made in America and assembled with the turbine in Germany. The turbine generates only very low noise emissions due to its outstanding aerodynamic performance. In fact it is so quiet it is approved for use in German residential-only areas. A certificated noise map may be provided upon request.

Our turbines are in use all over the world including very hot regions. SkyWind´s can be delivered with grid inverter (110 and 230 V, 50 – 60 Hz) or battery inverters. SkyWind turbines mounted on our patented rafter mounting may even be used in hurricane regions, as those can be lowered onto the roof in case of too much wind.

Your SkyWind delivery includes:

Rotor Blade, made of aircraft grade aluminum with anti-reflective coating RAL 7037
Nacelle incl. low voltage DC-generator with anti-reflective coating RAL 7016
Mast fitting for 60mm diameter tube RAL 7016
Preset 1.000 W grid inverter (230 or 110 V available) incl. dump-load for overspeed control
Automatic storm control system with brake

SkyWind NG turbines are always shipped with an effective, redundant storm control system that will stop the turbines rotation in case of a storm or a grid failure. For sites with extreme wind conditions or hurricanes the rotor may be dismounted within just few minutes by just one screw.

FuSystems SkyWind is experienced with shipments all over the planet. For detailed information on shipments to your country please contact our sales team.

Our technology is patented: United States Patent #US 2012/0177502 A1

Dealership contracts and exclusive dealership programs are available for most countries world wide.
Please contact our sales team for detailed information on pricing & conditions.


The power performance of a SkyWind NG turbine during a week of operation in winter in Germany. The SkyWind turbine is always searching for the best performance possible and generates maximum yield even from  gusts. The log is showing the turbines total AC output power averaged for each minute.


The production of little over 20 kWh covered about 80% of the total consumption of the office connected to this turbine. Supported by a solar plant this SkyWind NG is powering a three people office.


TextelementSkyWind NG includes:

a)Patented Aluminum Rotor, 2x
-anti-reflective coating,
-RAL 7037
b)All Metal Nacelle
-generator mount and rotor mounts
-RAL 7016
c)Grid Inverter With On-Board Computer
-1000W, 230V & 110V AC
-wall-mount and plugs
-dumpload and connection cables
-full color display
e)Automatic Storm Control System
-high energy relay
-wind sensor
-automatic control unit

Provision on pallet EX Works at our central storage facility Koblenz, Germany. Or shipment to any location in the world.

Request detailed information for details on pricing, packaging and shipment.