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General description

The Smart Solar Thermal Trough Collector System

perSolar GmbH is a dynamic start-up company based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2012, we are passionately dedicated to the development and optimization of innovative solar thermal technology solutions. Our newly developed solar thermal parabolic trough collector, which we presented to the public at the INTERSOLAR 2016 trade show, integrates several vital improvements. Our solar technology combines a uniquely high energy yield with remarkable cost efficiency and extremely long durability, utilizable in numerous process heat applications as well as solar energy transfer for power plants.Our “smart” solar thermal collector optimizes a proven technology by various ingenious upgrades.
  • Sturdy, durable, maintenance-free. Our product combines technological know-how with easy handling.
  • Attractive business model for licensing partners worldwide
  • Concrete solution for the global challenge of CO2 emission reduction

Applications for the solar thermal collector trough model TLC-1000
Process heat from 40° C to 200° C (100° F – 400° F)| Heat media: water, thermal oil

  • Hotels + Resorts
  • Office buildings
  • Campgrounds
  • Sports facilities
  • Industry | e.g. washing, preheating, electroplating, dyeing, drying, sterilization, dehydration, distillation, pressing, desalting

Applications for the large solar thermal collector trough model TLC 24K
Applications up to 450 °C (850° F) | Heat medium: thermal oil

  • Energy source conversion of power plants with heat exchange process systems

The smart High-Performance Solar Collector System

Based on a tried and tested technology, we have developed our solar thermal collector system in two sizes for the market and equipped with numerous easy-to-use-functions. So our product combines an outstanding energy yield with a great usability and durability.

Our solar collectors can be easily mounted on existing receiver tube systems with closed fluid circulation, without opening the receiver pipe system. The solar trough thus encases the absorber tube. The receiver tube system itself is not part of our solar collector and therefore not included.

Up to 40% higher energy yield via integrated solar tracking sensor

Due to an integrated smart sun tracking sensor, the perSolar solar trough collects up to 40% more solar energy.

High temperatures and efficiency with short warm-up

The concave shape of the reflector surface of the perSolar solar trough concentrates sun rays directly on the thin absorber tube with maximum heating efficiency. The heat-carrying medium can be used immediately and efficiently.

Maximized thermal isolation

Maximized thermal isolation due to a highly effective air insulating layer in the hermetically sealed shell unit. Even extremely cold outside temperatures result in negligible energy loss, comparable to a thermos bottle effect.

Problem solution for “misted front protection glass”

The smart solar trough offers an individual pressure-compensating system, preventing misting of the protection glass front due to condensed water inside the shell.

Automatic overheating protection

The smart solar trough contains a temperature control sensor, which automatically turns the solar thermal collector out of the sun as soon as the target temperature is reached – without impairments to the overall energy circuit system.

Easy assembly

The smart solar trough is easily assembled in a “do it yourself” manner without professional staff and can easily be mounted to an already fully functionable pipe setup without impairing the closed system. Any plumber can install the pipe infrastructure required for the perSolar thermal collector system, completely composed of worldwide customary “off-the-shelf” parts


Upon start-up, the integrated smart process controller autonomously and individually aligns each solar trough. The system is instantly operational and requires no further adjustments

Wireless, power-independent system

The perSolar smart solar trough is completely self-sufficient. No external power supply is required. The process control system as well as the sun-tracking motor run solely on solar energy.

Programming and statistics optimization

Each solar trough is individually programmable (e.g. temperature limit). Process statistics of multiple parameters are automatically transmitted in order to allow a broad range of operational analysis. Thus the whole system can be efficiently adapted to individual local conditions.

Lightweight construction

The solar trough consists of a lightweight static construction. Therefore the strain on underlying pipe and roof infrastructures is minimal.


Simplicity is the basis of the innovative overall concept. As a result, the overall production and operational costs of the solar trough are substantially below market rates of conventionally available energy systems.

Long durability and  maintenance-free

Optimally fine-tuned and verifiably wear-free components result in extreme durability of the solar trough. All movable component parts of the closed modular design are practically isolated in a dry cleanroom capsule. And therefore completely protected from environmental conditions. The maintenance-free construction of the solar trough results in considerable reductions in energy plant operating costs

Minimal failure risk

The breakdown and/or replacement of a single solar trough will not result in downtime of the overall system, as this action does not require shutdown or physical opening of the piping system in operation – again resulting in considerably positive impact in the continuous operational costs.

Automatic dirt protection

At night the solar trough automatically turns in a downward protective position. This automatism considerably reduces the substantial nightly dirt contamination on the front protection glass. Main positive effects include sustainable optimization of the sun ray transparency of the front glass as well as drastic enormous minimization of cleaning intervals.


The integrated vibration sensor of the solar trough reacts to strong vibrations and impacts, such as caused by strong wind conditions. In this case the solar trough automatically turns out of the danger zone in the position, which best reduces the wind pressure.